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auto body prep-work to do yourself

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auto body prep-work to do yourself

4 Ways Sports Fans Can Customize An RV Paint Repair Job

by Jeremy Hudson

Along with physical damages, an RV accident can create a lot of chipping and peeling to the exterior paint job. Instead of having the same paint applied to the RV, your repair shop has the ability to completely redo the paint design. If you're a big fan of sports, then there are multiple ways you can have a custom paint job cater to your favorite team. This will not only showcase your fandom, but it is great if you travel to games and tailgating parties in your RV. As you decide on the paint design you want for your RV collision repair, there are four different ways you can choose from. Each one captures the elements of various sports and teams.

Team Tones

One of the easiest ways to represent your favorite sports teams is by using team tones and colors. Many teams have one main color with two supplementary colors. The main color can act as the base color of the RV while the additional two colors can be applied as supplementary colors. For example, if your favorite sports team is the New York Giants, you can start with a bold blue as the base color. Then you can infuse red and gray designs to the rest of the RV exterior. These designs can come in the form of wavy patterns, stripes, or paneled sections.

Online color resources help provide the official colors for a number of teams. This gives you the exact tones and color codes so that the collision repair shop can properly apply them as they repaint your RV.

Sports Background

Instead of just colors, you can have a sports mural design painted on your RV. These intricate designs represent your favorite sport. For example, the bottom of an RV exterior can feature football turf colors with yard line numbers painted across it. The back of the RV can feature a painted on field goal post. If you're a basketball fan, a hardwood court can be airbrushed directly to the side of the RV.

Basically any sport court can be crafted and represented on the RV. It's all about choosing elements that are simply designed, but will pop-out through a custom paint job.

RV Exterior Accessories

While you cannot have team logos and mascots painted on your RV due to copyright infringement, you can purchase officially licensed products that can be used as part of the paint design. For example, if you're a football fan, you can purchase large car magnets that feature the helmet logo of your favorite team.

By bringing the helmet logo magnet to a collision repair shop, the technicians can design the paint job around the magnet. For example, if the magnet is circular, then swirls and waves of team colors can be painted on to make a nice border around the magnet design. Additional accessories that can help compliment the paint job includes team flags, antenna covers, and spare tire covers.

Custom Name

Just like people love to name and showcase a boat, you can do the same thing for your RV. The newly repaired RV can ride out in style with a name printed right on the side of it. As a sports fan, you have a number of options for naming the RV. You can name it after your favorite team, favorite player, or even a venue that professional sport teams play at. You can also use a famous sports nickname. For example, if you're a big LeBron James fan, then you can choose an RV name like "King James" or "The Chosen One."

Along with the selecting the name of the RV, you can select a custom font to have the name painted with. There are a number of sports fonts that are free to use and will look great when painted on the side or rear of the RV. Examples include fonts similar to ESPN's Sportscenter or old varsity jacket lettering. Choose a font that fits your style and a sport that you love.

If possible, create a small sketch or bring in drawing ideas for your RV design. This will help the technicians create your vision of the ultimate sports fan RV.

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