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auto body prep-work to do yourself

When you take your car in for auto body work, the mechanic will have a lot of work to do. Each minute that the mechanic spends prepping your car to make the repairs is money that you will owe when the repairs are finished. So, is there anything that you can do to make the mechanic's job a little easier and lower the cost of the repairs for you? This blog is all about preparing vehicles for auto body repairs. Here, you will learn what prep-work you can do at home so that the repairs are completed more quickly and the cost is less.

auto body prep-work to do yourself

Don't Delay Getting Your Bumper The Professional Collision Repair It Needs

by Jeremy Hudson

Whether the loss of some paint and trim or something much more significant, a damaged bumper could leave your vehicle looking less than road-ready. Some car owners may try to put off bumper collision repair if the rest of the car is running just fine under the hood, but there's a variety of reasons why delaying a needed repair in this area is simply not a good idea. Here's why you should reach out to a local collision repair center near you as soon as possible after damage to your bumper.

Insurance Agencies May Have Time Requirements for Submitting a Claim

Regardless of which party was at fault in the accident, you may be relying on your insurance policy to assist with some of the repairs. But if you are delaying this phone call because you don't yet want your insurance premium to go up (if at fault) or if you just don't think you have the time, you may be putting yourself into an even worse financial situation. That's because most insurance firms have fine print in their policies that require accidents or damage to the car to be reported in a timely fashion. If you wait and then attempt to get it fixed later, the repairs might not be covered by your insurance. 

A Damaged Bumper May Not Provide the Protection It Normally Does 

A bumper is the point of first contact in many car accidents. It protects the rest of the car from damage and can also protect the occupants inside by taking the brunt of the blow. But if you are driving around with a damaged bumper, you might not be getting that level of support anymore. If you should get into a more significant car accident while still driving around with a damaged bumper, the result might be significantly more damage done under the hood or to the car's cabin than otherwise would occur. You are also putting yourself and your passengers at risk by not getting the bumper fixed right away.

A Damaged Bumper May More Easily Rust or Fall Into Further Disrepair the Longer You Wait

What if the bumper damage is mostly related to the paint or something else that doesn't seem like an immediate big deal? The problem with waiting here is that a damaged paint job can more easily rust or fall into further disrepair than a paint job that is properly fixed by a professional. It will cost you less to get it fixed now than if you wait and rust sets in on the car.

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