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auto body prep-work to do yourself

When you take your car in for auto body work, the mechanic will have a lot of work to do. Each minute that the mechanic spends prepping your car to make the repairs is money that you will owe when the repairs are finished. So, is there anything that you can do to make the mechanic's job a little easier and lower the cost of the repairs for you? This blog is all about preparing vehicles for auto body repairs. Here, you will learn what prep-work you can do at home so that the repairs are completed more quickly and the cost is less.

auto body prep-work to do yourself

3 Ways To Find A Good Collision Repair Center

by Jeremy Hudson

Getting into a crash means getting your car repaired, as long as it is repairable. That means finding a good collision repair center. If your car did get smashed in an accident, there are ways that you can find a collision repair center to get your vehicle back to its normal state. 


One way to find a collision repair center for your car is to look for a dealership. Going to the dealership can be a good idea because they will be familiar with that particular make and model. Working with a dealership also generally means that you don't have to wait for many parts to come in. The dealership has its parts department, so they have a large selection of parts available at any time. So, if you have a Mazda and were in a crash, you would want to talk to a local Mazda dealership to see if they can do the repairs on your car. 

Insurance Company 

Another way that you can find a collision repair center that can repair your car is by talking to your insurance company. They may have a list of collision centers they prefer to work with. Your insurance company can send you that list, and you can contact the repair centers to see if they have an appointment time so that you can take your car to the center. They should be able to estimate how much it will cost you to repair your vehicle. Your insurance company could require that you have two or three estimates before they pay for repairs. If you go with a service center recommended by your insurance company, ask if you need to submit the bills to your insurance company or if that is something the collision center will do. 

Personal Recommendations

You can talk to friends and family to see if they have any recommendations for you. At least one person in your circle will likely have been in an accident at some point, and they can tell you where they took their car. You may find a hidden gem this way. 

If you have been in a car accident, your car may be crunched. If it has been smashed, you need to take it to a collision center as soon as possible to get your vehicle back to normal. You can find the right collision center in one of several ways, so you should have no problems finding what you need. 

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